Fortnite: How to Refer A Friend 2022 to get free skin?

Fortnite introduces a new sponsorship system called "Refer A Friend", allowing you to get a free skin: here's how to get it!


To refer a friend, you must link to the official Refer A Friend website with your Epic Games account, then invite an eligible friend and join with him in game. Complete quests to get your sponsorship and the related rewards at the event.


A friend is eligible for sponsorship if the latter has played less than 2 hours in a regular Battle Royale and zero build during the last 30 days, in order to avoid player account sponsorships already confirmed. The sponsorship challenges are as follows:


Play a game with your friend

Finish in the top 10 6 times with your friend

Get 45 kills with your friend

Earn 60 levels, and have your referral do the same


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By referring a friend in this way, and playing with him for a while, you will get the rewards of the event, namely a tag and weapon skins, but especially the Xander character skin!