Pokemon Go: How Trading (Swap) System Works 2022?

The trade or swap feature in Pokémon Go is finally here. You can use this feature after you reach level 10. However, you won’t be able to trade with just any player. Before doing so, you need to swap your unique trainer code in order to register the swap partner as a friend.


Depending on the Friendship level, each trade will cost you Stardust and higher the friendship level with your swap partner, the less Stardust you have to spend. There are the following friendship levels:


Good Friend (starting level)

Great Friend (after 7 days)

Ultra Friends (after 30 days)

Best Friends (after 90 days)


After registering your friend, they should be within a 100 m radius to start a trade.


Benefits / Advantages of trading in Pokémon Go


The most obvious benefit you can get is missing Pokémon to complete your Pokédex. Besides, you will also get candies for the swap Pokémon. The further away the place where the trade Pokémon are caught, the more candies you get (100 km is the maximum).

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In addition, the HP and CP values ​​are recalculated during the swap. If you trade with your best friends, your chances of getting better values ​​increase. So trading is also a good alternative to get strong Pokémon.


What is the special Trade?


As already mentioned, the special trade is a great way to get missing Pokémon. The developers don't want to make it that easy for you, because certain Pokémon can only change hands with the special trade - these include:


Pokemon not registered in the Pokédex

Shiny Pokémon

Legendary Pokemon

Regional Pokemon

New forms


You can only perform a special exchange once per day. In addition, you must be at least great friends with your swap partner.