Stray: All 27, Remember, B12 Memory Locations Guide

In Stray, you play as a cat locked in a cybercity, trying to find its way outside! For that, you will have to help it, you will also be helped by B-12, a flying drone.


This drone has the particularity of knowing the cybercity and certain memories return to it when you go to certain places. To complete the game 100%, it will be necessary to find all of these memories! But where are they exactly? We’ll show you their locations with images below:


The Apartment


Memory 1/27

This very first memory is given to you automatically when passing near this wall.


Slums / Shanty towns


You will return to the slums twice, in chapters 4 and 6. You will then be able to collect the memories you are missing!


Memory 2/27

 Memory 3/27

To get this Memory, you will have to buy it in exchange for three energy drinks in the market! You will find some by interacting with the various distributors present in the city. You will need 3 in total to unlock this memory.


Memory 4/27

This keepsake can be found on the bar floor.

Memory 5/27

It is in Momo's apartment.

Memory 6/27

You will find this Memory easily while strolling through the streets

Memory 7/27

With your back to the Guardians, head up the stairs to your right. Then take the first street on the left and climb up.


Memory 8/27

This memory can be found on the Elliot Programming floor.



Memory 9/27

You will find this memory after passing the second group of Zurks.

 Memory 10/27

 Upstairs, you'll find a room after Zurks' group, with only this memory inside.


Memory 11/27

You will automatically receive this Memory at the end of the chapter.


Dead End


Memory 12/27

At the beginning of the chapter, head to the left to find this memory. Do this before using the ramp!


Memory 13 /27

 After climbing the pipes, take the straight path. At the end of the road will be this memory.


Memory 14/27

You'll find this keepsake in Doc's room.



Memory 15/27

 Memory 16/27




Memory 17/27

You automatically receive this Memory upon entering the village.

Memory 18/27



Memory 19/27

Memory 20/27

You will receive this Memory automatically.


Memory 21/27


Memory 22/27


Memory 23/27

Memory 24/27

You'll find this keepsake in the safe room after stealing the battery.

Memory 25/27



Memory 26/27

After locking up the Sentinels, you will find this robot.


Control room

Memory 27/27

You will receive this souvenir automatically in this room.