In this short tutorial, we’ll give you the best settings to run Madden 23 smoothly on low or high end PC.


Windows Settings


Game Mode - On


Xbox Game Bar - Off




Background Recording - Off


Recorded Audio - Off


Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling - On


Make sure that you have the latest graphics driver


Power Option - Balance or High Performance (for laptop users)


Best Settings, Madden 23, Low-End, High-End, PC Games

In-Game Settings



Fullscreen Resolution - Native resolution on your monitor


Window Mode - Fullscreen


Antialiasing - FXAA


Frame Rate - No Limit On FPS


Vsync - Off


Triple Buffering - Off


DirectX Version - 12 (11 for Low end PC)


Rendering Quality - Custom


Bloom - Off


SSAO - Off


Depth Fog - Off


Lens Flores - Off


Mesh Quality - Medium


Shadow Quality - Low


Crowed Quality - Medium (Low for Old PC)

on 8/17/22


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