Best Settings to Run Tower of Fantasy ToF on Mobile

In this short guide, we’ll show you the best settings to run Tower of Fantasy (ToF) on mobile devices (Android/iOS).


For this guide I'm using a Samsung S21 and I'm pretty sure that you can run ToF with the other brand of phones.


Phone Settings:


I recommend playing this game in priority mode, make sure that you close all the other apps. So go to your game plugin - go to priority mode and go to your ToF make sure that you apply it for all your game. (You must remove the Priority mode if you want to see your states such as CPU, GPU, TEMPand RAM)  


Activate the background app cleanup - Press apply - press change. So you want to make sure that your phone is 100% dedicated to your game when you're playing it and you will need to activate it to make sure that you are in priority.


In-Game Settings:


Same Screen Wanderer - 10


Advanced Settings:

Best Settings, Tower of Fantasy, ToF, Mobile Game

Texture - High (Go with medium if you have an old phone)


Material Quality - Medium


Vegetation Detail - Low


View Distance - Medium


Post Production - Low


Resolution - HD (Go with normal if you have an old phone)


FPS - 90 (depends on your phone)


Shading - On