Digimon Survive: How to increase Karma?

As you progress through the Digimon Survive story, you’ll get karma questions frequently. You can recognize these questions by the fact that the answers are highlighted in color.


After choosing the appropriate answer, you will receive information about the increased Karma value. Basically, the increased Karma value corresponds to the selected color.


The karma answers are always arranged in the same way:


Moral - Left


Wrathful - Above


Harmony - To the right



What does karma do?


Karma has 3 effects in the game:


Agumon depending on your highest Karma value.

Digimon Survive, How to, Increase, Karma

If your corresponding karma values ​​are high enough, you can use them to choose one of the 3 possible karma routes at the end of chapter 8.


The higher your Karma value, the easier it is to recruit wild Digimon of the appropriate type:


Moral - Vaccine


Wrathful - Virus


Harmony - Data