F1 Manager 2022 settings, how to tune cars?

Many F1 Manager 2022 players wonder how to tune the F1s of your drivers and we are going to show you what you will have to do for the correct setup.


If you want to know how to setup your car, well, you should always be in the blue bar that shows up. This bar is decreased as you go through the various tests that you will do during free practice in order to know the best possible setting for your drivers.


Ideally, you should aim for settings with the rating “Awesome” or “Best” to achieve at least 85% if you want your drivers to be comfortable and perform. It should be noted that if you have the "Bad" annotation, you will have to aim for the opposite setting of the previous one while trying to stay in the blue bar on the modification screen.


F1 Manager 2022, Settings, How To, Tune Cars

Of course, to save time, we advise you to call back your drivers as soon as you have had a comment, because redoing settings can take some time and reduce the window you have to recognize the track. We remind you in passing that the settings differ from one driver to another and that there is no similar modification that you will be able to use.


Finally, don't forget that in F1 Manager 2022, you will be able to recruit staff to improve the performance of your cars thanks in particular to an excellent aero manager or even very good race engineers who help you get feedback faster and more efficient from your drivers.