Fortnite: How to Access Go Goated map?

A new Fortnite update 21.50 is now live, bringing the Late Game game mode and a series of quests called Play Your Way. In these quests, you are required to visit six creative maps to complete objectives in particular game modes. Among these maps, you will have to go to the GO GOATED! map. To do this, you need a code.


How to access or join the GO GOATED map on Fortnite?


To join the GO GOATED! in Fortnite, you must first go to the Island Code option in the Fortnite game menu. Then you must enter the following code: 3305-1551-7747


How to destroy structures in GO GOATED!?


Fortnite, How to Access, Go Goated Map

This is a build-and-destroy game mode. It is about one of the basic principles of Fortnite. To destroy structures, use your pickaxe and other offensive items.


How to deal damage in GO GOATED!?


This challenge should be easy to complete. As you will have understood, it is a question of inflicting damage on opponents. You should know how to do this using your pickaxe or offensive items.