Fortnite: How to join Monster Wars Map?

A new update, 21.50, was released on Fortnite. This update brings the Late Game game mode plus a series of quests called Play Your Way. In these challenges, you are required to travel to six creative maps to complete objectives in particular game modes. Among these maps, you will have to go to the Monster Wars map. To do this, you need a code.


How to join the Monster Wars Map in Fortnite?


To join the Monster Wars map in Fortnite, you must first go to the Island Code option in the Fortnite game menu. Then you must enter the following code: 4164-3090-6037


Once on the map, you must complete two challenges to get experience and cosmetic rewards from the event.


Fortnite, How To Join, Monster Wars Map

How to spend gold in Monster Wars?


This challenge is interesting since it is a game mode where you have a base that you can upgrade. Group of monsters attack you and you must defend yourself. The difficulty increases with the waves. To upgrade your base, you can spend gold. You should easily complete this challenge.


How to survive monsters in Monster Wars?


Again, this challenge should be easy to complete. As explained with the previous challenge, you must survive monster attacks. By naturally playing the game mode, you should complete the quest.