How to install Tower of Fantasy ToF on Mobile?

Tower of Fantasy (ToF) is now available for free for PC and mobile (Android and iOS) users.


If you want to play it on your Android or iOS mobile, then you’ll have to download and install the game. In this short guide, we’ll give you steps to install the game on your smartphone.


It is quite easy to install ToF on your mobile, you can do this the traditional way, that is, through the stores available on Android or iOS, which are Google Play and the App Store. But there is another solution: directly open the links of the stores that we give you below.


Install Tower of Fantasy on iOS - storelink

Install Tower of Fantasy on Android - store link

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The installation of the game is completely free, and is done in a completely usual way, like all the other applications that can be installed on a mobile.


However, due to the excessive number of players present in the game you may not be able to play it right away, you will then have to wait a few minutes or even a few hours before you can play it.