MultiVersus: How to Connect & Play with Streamers or Viewers?

Thanks to a new Twitch add-on, you will now be able to play live against streamers or viewers on MultiVersus.


In this short guide, we’ll show you step by step on how to install the new extension, whether you are a streamer or a viewer.


For Viewers:


In the game, go to the "VS" tab


Link your Twitch account and then your WB Games account by following the instructions on the VS tab


Once on the connections page, click on "Connect" next to Twitch Validate, then restart Multiversus


Then go to the Twitch Multiversus stream also using this extension, and click on "I'm ready to play"


You just have to wait to receive the invitation to play with the streamer! You don't need to install the extension on your end, it's up to the streamer! Be careful to go to the live of a streamer who has installed the extension to be able to play with him.


For Streamers


Install the extension - Go to the "Extensions" tab of Twitch, and find the Multiversus extension, then install it


Get your setup code - Go back to "Extensions", then click on the Multiversus extension cog. The pin number will then appear in the following form: ******


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Link the extension and the game - Then open Multiversus, go to the game settings and then go to "Muxy Gamelink". Paste your configuration code and validate


Activate the extension on your stream - Go to the creator interface of Twitch, and go to the extensions. Click on Multiversus and select “Enable” then “Set as overlay 1”


By following all these steps, you will now be able to face your viewers in Multiversus!