Will Of The People songs, Muse new album

Muse have released their ninth studio album Will Of The People recently.  Their latest work shows a lot of vigor and disposition even after two decades of recording career.


Will Of The People features 10 songs and run just under 38 minutes, and those who like the more exaggerated side of the trio will not be disappointed. The epic songs, with direct influence from Queen are also here, as well as the paranoid lyrics and that dystopian sci-fi vibe that Matt Bellamy loves so much.


Will Of The People songs list


1 - "Will of the People"

2 - "Compliance"

Will Of The People, Songs, Track List, Muse, New Album

3 - "Liberation"

4 - "Won't Stand Down"

5 - "Ghosts (How Can I Move On)"

6 - "You Make Me Feel Like It's Halloween"

7 - "Kill or Be Killed"

8 - "Verona"

9 - "Euphoria"

10 - "We Are Fu**ing Fu**ed"

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