Best Settings to run Modern Warfare 2 on PS5, PS4 and Xbox

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's (Cod MW2) settings can give you better gameplay experience in multiplayer. Here, we’ll share you the best settings for your PS5, PS4 and Xbox One or Series X|S.


Best Controller Settings


Inputs Deadzone


First go to "Controller" in the settings and press R1/RB (PS/Xbox) to get to the advanced area. Here you will find the option "Inputs Deadzone". Hover over the tab and press Square/X (PS/Xbox) to see more.


Then you should lower the value for "minimum left stick" and "minimum right stick". With the default setting it can sometimes feel like there is a small "input lag". So put it down, but only down enough that you don't get automatic stick drift.


You should also set the value for “L2 and R2” buttons to 0. So that you don't have any delay when operating your controllers.




Post Processing Effects


World Motion Blur - Off


Weapon Motion Blur - Off


Film Grain - 0


Depth of Field - Off


Details & Textures


Demand on Texture Streaming - On


Best Settings, MW2, Modern Warfare 2, CoD, PS5, PS4, Xbox

Reserved texture cache size - Large (To see the options, simply press Square/X on On-Demand Texture Streaming. Here the multiplayer has better textures. However, you should only change these options if you have a good internet connection).


FidelityFX CAS - On

FidelityFX CAS Strength - 50

Field of View - 90

ADS Field of View - Affected


Weapons Field of View - Default


Changes the audio mix to better hear footsteps


In CoD Modern Warfare 2, with the right settings, you can hear enemy footsteps extremely well. To do this, go to the "Audio" options and set the "Audio Mix" to "Headphone Bass Boost". Of course, it only helps if you play with headphones or a headset.


Telemetry options


Server Latency - On


Packet Loss - On


Connection display - On (With these settings you can always see in the upper left corner if you have connection problems).