Best Settings to Run NBA 2K23 without Lags on Old or New PC

In this short tutorial we’ll share you the best settings to run NBA 2K23 smoothly without lags or crash on low-end or high-end PC.


Let’s optimize Windows for NBA 2K23


Game Mode - On


Xbox Game Bar - Off




Background Recording - Off


Recorded Audio - Off


Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling - On


Make sure that you have the latest graphics driver


Power Settings: Use Balance or High Performance (laptop)


In-Game Settings


Best Settings, NBA 2K23, Lags, Old PC, New PC



Display Monitor / Display Resolution - Native


Window Mode - Full Screen


Anti-aliasing Level - 1


Refresh Rate - 160.0Hz

Vertical Sync - On


Advanced Settings


Shader Detail Level - Medium for high-end PC, Low for low-end PC


Shadow Detail Level - Off    


Texture Detail Level - high (depends on the amount of vram on your PC)


Player Detail Level - Medium


Crowd Detail Level - Low


Media People Detail Level - Low


Hair Detail Level - Medium


Ambient Occlusion - Off


Volumetric Lighting - Off


Temporal Anti-aliasing - Off


Depth of Field - Off


Motion Blur - Off


Bloom - Off


Floor Reflection - Off


Mirror Reflection - Off


Buffer Count - 2


Max Anisotropy - 16 (old PC go with 1)


Allow Compute Shaders - Off


Shader Preload - On