In this short tutorial we’ll share you the best settings to run NBA 2K23 smoothly without lags or crash on low-end or high-end PC.


Let’s optimize Windows for NBA 2K23


Game Mode - On


Xbox Game Bar - Off




Background Recording - Off


Recorded Audio - Off


Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling - On


Make sure that you have the latest graphics driver


Power Settings: Use Balance or High Performance (laptop)


In-Game Settings


Best Settings, NBA 2K23, Lags, Old PC, New PC



Display Monitor / Display Resolution - Native


Window Mode - Full Screen


Anti-aliasing Level - 1


Refresh Rate - 160.0Hz

Vertical Sync - On


Advanced Settings


Shader Detail Level - Medium for high-end PC, Low for low-end PC


Shadow Detail Level - Off    


Texture Detail Level - high (depends on the amount of vram on your PC)


Player Detail Level - Medium


Crowd Detail Level - Low


Media People Detail Level - Low


Hair Detail Level - Medium


Ambient Occlusion - Off


Volumetric Lighting - Off


Temporal Anti-aliasing - Off


Depth of Field - Off


Motion Blur - Off


Bloom - Off


Floor Reflection - Off


Mirror Reflection - Off


Buffer Count - 2


Max Anisotropy - 16 (old PC go with 1)


Allow Compute Shaders - Off


Shader Preload - On

on 9/11/22


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