Best Settings to Run Shatterline Smoothly on Old or New PC

In this short guide, we’ll show you the best settings to run Shatterline smoothly on high-end or low-end PC. 


Windows Settings


Game Mode - On

Xbox Game Bar - Off




Background Recording - Off

Recorded Audio - Off

Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling - On

Make sure that your graphics driver is up-to-date

Power Settings - Balance or High Performance (laptop)


In-Game settings


Select Territory (Server Option) make sure that you're running the server with the lowest ping.

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Quality - Custom

Resolution - Native

Display Mode - Fullscreen

Frame limit - Here I'm using the radiant software to lock my FPS at 168. It doesn't work in the menu but it worked. Don’t use a lot of FPS, think about your terminals if you have terminal issue with your PC you will start to have some random stuttering when you will play the game.

Vsync - On

Texture Quality - High (depends on the amount of Vram)

Object Quality - Low

Shading Quality - Low

Particles Quality - Low

Special Effects Quality - Low

Water Quality - Low

Lens Flare - Off

Screen Space Reflection - Off

Anti-aliasing - FXAA

Bloom - Off