Bjork Fossora Song List, Listen to Atopos

Björk’s long delayed 10th album Fossora finally gets a release date. Her new album will contain 13 songs and will be available to purchase on 30th of September 7, 2022.


Fossora could be one of the most personal albums she's ever made, if not the most personal. At least two of her songs were reportedly inspired by the death of the artist's mother (Sorrowful Soil" and "Ancestress", which are placed in sequence on the track list.)


Fossora tracklist


1 - Atopos

2 - Ovule

3 - Mycelia

4 - Sorrowful Soil

5 - Ancestress

6 - Fagurt Er í Fjörðum

7 - Victimhood

8 - Allow

9 - Fungal City

10 - Trölla-Gabba

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11 - Freefall

12 - Fossora

13 - Her Mother's House


Björk has just released the first single Atopos from her new album. Interestingly, the song's lyrics are very simple and straightforward with the singer thanking everyone who was by her side and remembering that if we don't expand towards love, we will implode into hate.


Listen to Atopos:

Listen to Bjork's Fossora Album