FIFA 23 new Chemistry System, past and now changes

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team introduces a new or revised chemistry system. The following points have been changes in FUT 23:


- Until the last installment in FIFA series, it was the case that players standing next to each other built up "links" with each other, which could become stronger and stronger. These links are gone in FUT 23, they no longer exist. Instead, players can now build chemistry with each other across the field, rather than just with adjacent players.


- In the past there were also penalties and the respective values ​​became worse if there was no link. The penalties are also no longer in FUT 23, so your players can no longer receive any negative effects if there is no chemistry.


- Also, the 0 to 10 scale from previous FIFA games has been removed. Instead, there are now up to 3 points per player that anyone can achieve.


- Players now have one major and one to multiple minor positions. These can be exchanged with each other. What is no longer possible is to move the player freely in your lineup. If a player plays in a position that isn't their actual position, that player will always have 0 chemistry. That's why it's sometimes even more important that you change your player's position via the position modifier. However, the player's rating remains the same whether top rated or not.


- There is no loyalty system anymore. It used to be that players got an extra chemistry point directly from packs or tasks that are also a thing of the past.