Fortnite: how to access or play Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show

Fortnite players will now be able to enjoy Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show. In this short guide, we’ll show you how to access this show.


Jimmy Fallon’s the famous The Tonight Show has joined the Fortnite! An exclusive map has been created, on which there are many activities, but also a reconstruction of the show's set.


It is now possible to access The Tonight Show map in Fortnite! The set is entirely reconstructed there and activities take place in a reconstruction of New York. The code to join the official map of The Tonight Show is as follows:




To use it, you will simply have to:


Fortnite, How to Access, Play, Jimmy Fallon, Tonight Show

Start Fortnite

In the homepage, click on the "Change" button

Then choose "Island code"

Enter the code given above

Once it's done, validate to discover this map!