Fortnite: How to add Paradise bot to Discord Server?

Fortnite developers now allow you to add the Paradise bot to your own Discord server and by doing this you can complete all the necessary tasks while remaining on your server. In this short guide, we’ll show you how to add Paradise bot to your discord server


Do the followings to add the Paradise bot to your Discord:


Add the bot with the official link 

Write /help on your server and follow the different steps to create a new room

Press "Start" and begin your quests

Once this is done, you will be able to complete all the Paradise challenges, achievable only by going to Discord!


Don't forget to click on Refresh after each quest you complete, in the message that the bot will send you. Without it, you will not have access to the next task! 


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How do you complete all Fortnite Discord challenges?


- First step is to join the official Fortnite EN Discord

- Then accept server rules

- See you in the "#quest-paradise" room

- Click on “Start”

- Follow the instructions to link your Discord account to your Epic Games account, if you haven't already.

- Then click on “Receive your first task”

- All you have to do is read the name of the quest on the visual, and complete it!

Once completed, click on "Refresh" for it to be validated, and access the next task


Completing all quests will unlock some free rewards in Fortnite


- After completing a task: chrome reality tree banner icon

- After completing three tasks: Banana flip loading screen

- After completing six tasks: Chrome Flot Coating