Fortnite How to get and upgrade EvoChrome weapon

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Week 0 challenges are now live and one the requires you to Evolve EvoChrome Weapons by Dealing Damage. The quest is not that difficult to complete however, since it is a new mechanic of the season, it is normal to be unfamiliar with it and to ask questions. We are going to show you what EvoChrome weapons are, how to get them and how to upgrade them.


EvoChrome weapons are available in Season 4 with chrome mechanics. It is a chrome version of a weapon that improves it and gives it the uniqueness of being able to increase in rarity by inflicting damage on your opponents. So you can have an EvoChrome Rare weapon and upgrade it to Epic just by shooting your enemies.


However, not all weapons can be EvoChrome. Only some, like the EvoChrome Shotgun or the EvoChrome Burst Rifle are available. To get them, you need to find them in chrome chests hidden in the game map.

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To complete the challenge, you must get your hands on an EvoChrome weapon and upgrade it 5 times. Choose your weapon well and find opponents to inflict damage on them to strengthen your equipment.