Fortnite: how to get free rewards in Reboot Rally 2022?

Fortnite is introducing a new sponsorship system, Reboot Rally, allowing you to earn free gifts, here's how to get it!


In addition to a skin for your character, the event will allow you to get weapon skins and a tag. This time, it is through a sponsorship system that cosmetics can be obtained in Fortnite.


To sponsor a friend, you must connect to the official Reboot Rally site with your Epic Games account, then invite an eligible friend and connect with him in game. Missions are then to be carried out to complete your sponsorship and obtain the rewards linked to the event.


You can get points from Top Mates bonus quests and objectives to get the following rewards:


Fortnite, How To Get, Free Rewards, Reboot Rally 2022

50 points:  Barb-B-Q emoticon

100 points:  Freshly Forged wrap

150 points:  Red Hot Vengeance Pickaxe

200 points:  Fiery Descent Glider

By referring a friend in this way, and playing with them for a while, you will obtain the rewards of the event, namely a tag and weapon skins!