God of War Ragnarök life span, game time revealed

Many GoW fans are wondering what is the game time or lifespan of God of War Ragnarök game? Today, we have the answer given by the developers of the game!


Update :

According to Insider Gaming , God of War Ragnarök would have a lifespan of around 40 hours of play.

20 hours of main story, including 3h30 of cinematics

20 hours of side quests, including 1 hour of cinematics

The expected lifespan for God of War Ragnarök is revealed by David Jaffe, creator of the very first God of War game. He states in a Youtube video that God of War Ragnarök should last around 40 hours (source).


Ragnarök is an episode that will be rich in content with most certainly a main story as well as side quests. Of course, as the game has not yet been released, the expected playing time may still vary. We have to await for the official release in order to know all the ins and outs of the title.


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Regarding the previous title, God of War (2018) had around 20 hours of gameplay for the main story. If you wanted to explore the side quests, the game time could go up to 50 hours of play.