How to play FIFA 23 early, before officially release

The long wait is over finally, you’ll be able to play FIFA 23! The game is officially released on September 30th on all platforms and some of the pre-orders will be able to play the game before it’s officially released


The early access phase will begin this Tuesday, September 27 on all platforms as well, and only a few players will be able to play it!


Below, we’ll show you the different ways that allow you to play FIFA 23 before release.


How to pre-play FIFA 23?


How to, play, FIFA 23 early, before release

To play FIFA 23 in advance, you must be able to access the game's early access. For this, several options are available:


You can buy the Ultimate Edition of the game, which gives the possibility to play this Tuesday, September 27.


You can subscribe to the EA Play Pro, which will also give you this same advantage or you can also subscribe to classic EA Play but you can only enjoy Early Access for up to 10 hours.


By choosing one of these options, you will have the chance to play FIFA 23 even before its release! As a reminder, the early access of the game will start from midnight this Tuesday, September 27, on all platforms. If you do not wish to participate in this early access, you can always wait for the official game release, which will take place this Friday, September 30, 2022.