How to Prepare for Fortnite Season 4?

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 will be end next week, and the season 4 will be available as soon as the maintenance ends. But what are the things to do before the end of the season 3?


Before Fortnite Season 4 starts a few things need to be completed! Once Season 3 is over, you’ll no longer be able to access these things to complete, which are as follows:


Unlock Battle Pass rewards. If you have Battle Stars left, these will automatically be used to unlock the rewards you are missing in the Battle Pass


Obtain and complete Micmac outfit. Do not forget to collect the tokens everywhere on the game map to finish unlocking all the elements of Micmac that you like


How To, Prepare, Fortnite, Season 4

Solve the puzzle to unlock Indiana Jones. Complete Indiana quests to get his skin and accessories!


Collect rewards with the Specter Level Up Quest Pack. By getting all the level up tokens, you will be able to collect all the rewards related to the Specter


Once you've done everything, your season will be totally complete