iPhone 14 Pro Max or Galaxy S22 Ultra Which One?

iPhone 14 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra are the two best smartphones that you can buy today but in my opinion, the S22 Ultra is the better of the two and I’ll list down few reasons why.


If the iPhone 14 Pro Max had Samsung DeX, you could take full advantage of the phone. You’d be able to edit videos from your camera roll on a larger screen, play video games on your TV or monitor by hooking up an Xbox or PS controller and run desktop-level applications like Microsoft Word or Powerpoint but the problem is it doesn't have DeX or its alternative despite the fact that it can handle desktop-level applications and it's one of the big reasons why the S22 Ultra is better.


The Galaxy S22 Ultra features a wide array of camera features, including a 108MP main camera and a 10x telephoto camera which enables higher zoom capabilities without losing much quality as well as 100x space zoom. The S22 Ultra takes excellent 10x zoom photos without losing quality and the photos at 20x 30x look impressive thanks to the new image algorithm. The iPhone 14 Pro Max will sure have a great camera but like in the past few years it will continue to lag behind Samsung in the zoom performance as the phone still has only a 3x telephoto zoom camera.


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For a lot of people, the S-pen is a sort of productivity superhero and the biggest reason why Samsung phones will continue to have an edge over iPhones because Apple will never bring this feature to the iPhones because it's not good for their image as people would say they are copying Samsung. iPhone users will not appreciate the fact that their Samsung friends can pull out the hidden S-Pen to whip up a quick diagram, take notes, take photos using it or add AR doodles to a friend’s photo or video.

The S22 Ultra supports true side-by-side multitasking which the iPhone 14 Pro Max doesn't. On top of that, you can open apps in a separate pop-up window. Coupled with the S Pen the S22 Ultra is the best phone for the productivity work.


Samsung phones since they run Android have always had a reputation for being the platform for users who like to tinker and personalize their devices. You can literally change anything as per your taste. There are countless options out there. Although, Apple is slowly catching up with recent iOS releases with widgets and all still it's nowhere near what Android can do with customization.


So these are the reasons why the S22 Ultra is better in my opinion.