NBA 2K23: Best Team Build, How to win NBA Championship?

If you're wondering what is the best team to build to win the NBA Championship title, then we'll give you the best build, the top 4 for the eastern and the top 4 for the western Conference as well as the 4 underdogs from each Conference that could be interesting to play within the game.


Eastern Conference


Top 4 in the East


Boston Celtics


The Celtics have arguably the most balanced team in the Eastern Conference. Not only have the 2021-2022 vice-champions kept their key players, but they have also strengthened with the arrivals of Malcolm Brogdon and Danilo Gallinari. If you want to make a place for yourself, we recommend that you play an organizing point guard who can score and be the 3rd offensive option.


Milwaukee Bucks


Both the Bucks and the Celtics have managed to keep important players in the squad. The only weak point of the team is probably the lack of a fullback and if you want to help them win the title, consider making a 3rd point scoring fullback.


Philadelphia 76ers      


The 76ers trio of Embiid, Harden and Maxey are the best and this team can clearly aim for the title. The team has strengthened quite a bit and almost all positions are doubled, but if you want to be in the starting 5, we advise you to play a 3&D winger.


NBA 2K23, Best Team Build, How to Win, NBA, Championship

Cleveland Cavaliers   


Undoubtedly, the team that best managed the transfer period this summer. Not only did the team manage to keep its three best players, but it also got stronger with the arrival of Donovan Mitchell. The formation should logically be at the top of the table, but they are sorely lacking in an effective winger. To go for the title, you can play a scoring winger who can also defend the outside perimeter.


The Outsiders in the East


Brooklyn Nets


Another team that has a formidable trio that can lead them to the title. Only downside, the lack of an effective defender and to help them be NBA champion, we advise you to play a pivot who defends the paint and who can impose himself on the rebound on both sides of the field.

Best Archetype for Each Position in NBA 2K23, Build List


Miami Heat    


The Heat lost slightly in quality over the summer. The franchise has a big shortage in terms of quality power forwards and to successfully establish yourself in this team, consider making a power forward oriented Stretch Four.


Atlanta Hawks           


The Hawks have struck a blow in the summer market by successfully bringing in Dejounte Murray. The team can play for the title in the East or even the NBA title, but they lack an effective scoring winger at both two and three points.


Chicago Bulls 


Another team that has not changed much this summer. The training remains the same, but in fact, it retains the same problems as last year. They should have an excellent power forward who can defend the circle and organize the game.


Western Conference


The West has some very big, well-known franchises in the NBA, but here's the potential top 8 for this season on NBA 2K23.


Top 4 in the West


Golden State Warriors           


The Golden State Warriors can defend their title pretty easily. The team has excellent players, but they clearly lack a pivot who can effectively defend the circle.


Phoenix Suns 


The team from Phoenix has the image of the Warriors has a very balanced team that can play for the title. However, the team has a big weak point and that concerns the position of strong winger. To solve it, you can play a strong winger Stretch Four.


Los Angeles Clippers 

The team has two All-Stars who are surrounded by very good players at all positions. The Clippers are serious contenders for the title this year, but to make the job easier, it is interesting to add to them a very good pivot to defend the key or a 3-point passing point guard.


Memphis Grizzlies     


The Grizzlies have a very young and very competitive team. She still lacks a real starting back who is effective from distance and mid-distance to take advantage of passes from Ja Morant.


The Outsiders in the West


Minnesota Timberwolves       


The Timberwolves have strengthened with the arrival of Rudy Gobert and are now one of the teams eligible for the title. The formation is balanced, but it does not have a very good player at the winger position who has the 3&D profile .


New Orleans Pelicans


NOLA has a formidable line with Williamson, Ingran and McCollum. She can aim for the title, but to help them there, it can be interesting to add a winger to them regardless of his profile.


Denver Nuggets         


The Nuggets, like most of the teams in this top 8, have two excellent players in Jokic, the reigning MVP and Murray. However, to help the Serbian pivot, you need to play a strong scoring winger who can help defend inside.


Dallas Mavericks        


Luka Doncic is quite badly surrounded if we refer to the average level of the team. The formation needs a defender or a winger who can organize the game and serve as a second attacking option to score maximum points.


Of course, this is only our opinion and it is quite possible that you will find other teams as favorites to win an NBA Championship.