NBA 2K23 Down, how to check server status?

NBA 2K23 players sometimes experience some connecting issues and this may be due to server maintenance.


To find out if the server maintenance is in progress, there are several methods to know if the servers are getting an update.


If you want to know if a maintenance is in progress, the easiest and fastest way is to turn to the 2K Support or NBA 2K account which generally indicates if a maintenance is planned or is in progress. If no indication of maintenance is made on these two Twitter accounts, you can also check out the page dedicated to the state of the game's servers on the 2K Games website.


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On this page, you will have real-time information on the status of the servers according to your platform, but also on the various services related to NBA 2K23. Finally, in the event that these three sources do not solve your issue, then you can always turn to NBA 2K23 support and submit a service ticket.