Solved: 4600 FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition Points Not Received

FIFA 23 will be available to play from September 27 and for those who pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition will get 4600 FIFA Pre-Order Points and all other bonus items on the above mentioned date.


However, in case if you did not receive your pre-order bonuses, including the 4600 points promised by EA! you can try the following:


Check that it is the Ultimate edition that you pre-ordered. Only this edition gives you these points.


Contact the EA Help Twitter account by private message. They are very responsive and recommend contacting them in case of problems with pre-order bonuses.


Try restarting your console/PC as well as your internet box. According to the EA Help Twitter account, this option worked for a lot of players.


Wait for the release of FIFA 23 on September 30 to receive everything. You should be sure to have your FIFA points that day!


Solved, 4600, FIFA 23, Ultimate Edition Points, Not Received

Here are the complete bonus items you will receive by pre-ordering the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition:


4,600 FIFA Points


3 days early access (start playing FIFA 23 on September 27)


An untradeable FIFA Ultimate Team Player to Watch item


1 player FUT TOTW


Mbappé on loan for 5 games


FUT Ambassador Player Pick on loan for 3 matches