Temtem Gazuma's Location, Weaknesses and Strengths

Temtem offers you many species and they come in a variety of forms and types and they help you progress in the game. Among the available creatures in the game, we find that Gazuma is more interesting and therefore, we will show you its locations, its weaknesses and strength.


Gazuma's evolutions in Temtem

Gazuma does not have an evolution, but this Temtem is the evolution of Ganki when he reaches level 27.


Gazuma's location in Temtem

You will be able to get a Gazuma by evolving a Ganki, but also by going to the following locations:

Kisiwa Leeward - Matope Road (20% chance of encountering him)

At four different locations in Cipanku and more precisely in the Pillars of the Highest area (20 to 25% chance of encountering him)

Temtem, Gazuma, Location, Weaknesses, Strengths

Gazuma's Sensitivities in Temtem

Gazuma, like all Temtem, has weaknesses and strengths.


Strengths: Wind

Weaknesses: Crystal