Valkyrie Elysium VE: getting started guide, tips

In this short guide, we’ll give you some useful tips to get your Valkyrie Elysium (VE) adventures off to a good start.

Use your opponent's weaknesses to your advantage


Elemental weaknesses are very important in VE. An elemental weakness bar will fill up as you inflict elemental damage on your opponent until it is completely filled to stun him and thus make him vulnerable.


Learn your weapon combos

There are several types of weapon in VE and each has specific combos. Don’t hesitate to open the game menu to look at the combos available on your weapon.


Valkyrie Elysium, (VE), Getting started, Guide, tips

Eliminate ranged targets first

In VE, the fights are intense and the ranged opponents are your biggest enemies because they can inflict heavy damage on you. To make fighting easier, you should attack them first.

Using the Divine Arts

It is an equivalent to magic and spells in some games. They are very important in VE and are an integral part of your gameplay. They are also very handy for making your opponents vulnerable through elemental weaknesses.


Explore areas

The path you need to take in the game will always be shown to you. Navigating VE is easy. However, do not hesitate to take detours and explore each area well. You might find some interesting surprises there.


Upgrade your Valkyrie

Your character has three talent trees: Attack, Defense, and Support. Don't forget to award points to upgrade your Valkyrie and make it stronger. We recommend taking the double jump in the support tree, and improving your ranged attacks in the offensive tree.