What’s New in iPhone 14 Pro?

The iPhone 14 Pro will be available to purchase starting from today and in this article we’ll list down what’s new in Apple’s latest handset.


Let’s start with the most meaningful change on the iPhone 14 Pro lineup and that is the camera, we are getting not one not two but actually three new camera sensors. For the iPhone 14 Pro and the 14 Pro Max first up is the main 48 megapixel sensor it brings 8K video along with more megapixels to give you a lot more quality in your shots and of course improve that low light video performance. Then we have a brand new Ultra wide angle lens which has better low-light performance compared to the previous generation and finally we have a brand new front camera sensor across all iPhone 14 models. All of these camera sensors are primarily improving the main thing, which is the low light performance.


We finally have a new design change which is going to set the iPhone 14 Pro apart compared to Apple's previous generation. Nobody expected this but Apple is going for a build-shaped punch hole cutout for the iPhone 14 Pro and the Pro Max. It's a little bit smaller than Gosh but it almost feels like a notch that it used to sit on the top of the display but now it's gonna be on the actual screen. A lot of people have mixed opinion about this but majority of people think that this is ugly, Apple is obviously trying to make this work by doing something different which is bringing some indicator lights within the actual pill-hole. There might be more functions associated with this but the pill- hole is what the new visual change is on the new iPhone 14 Pro lineup.


What’s New, Apple, iPhone 14 Pro

Now, you may not like the design but Apple is bringing one thing that everyone love, which is of course the absolute amazing battery life for both iPhone 14 Pro and the 14 Pro Max. The iPhone 14 Pro models are said to bring bigger batteries compared to the previous generation and considering how the 13 Pro Max and the 13 Pro are the literal battery King of smartphone world and the 14 Pro series is only going to extend that lead even further.


Faster charging is one feature that no one expected but Apple is actually bringing faster 30 watt fast charging which is going to be a decent upgrade over the 20 watt fast charging speed of the iPhone 13 series.


Now, we have iOS 16 which is going to be on board with all the iPhone 14 models right out of the box, The iOS 16 brings a lot of new changes mainly to the lock screen which is in my opinion a better implementation compared to Android considering how fun and easy it is to customize everything with all the different categories and the way you can customize the text and the depth Edition by Apple all of that is super amazing apart from that iOS 16 will continue to deliver the best animation performance on any smartphone out there. Now, just for the iPhone 14 Pro series iOS 16 will offer a very special feature which is the always on mode. Now, I understand that we had this on Android for years but Apple is doing their own spin on it and considering what they've done with their lock screen customization they're always on mode implementation will be special. We're going to see a unique blend of notification time and your wallpaper melting in the background showing you the important information while also not affecting the battery life. Now, Samsung is the reason why Apple is able to implement the always-on mode functionality on the iPhone 14 Pro series because they are getting the latest OLED displays from Samsung. The iPhone 14 Pro series will get the latest LTP displays, these screens can bring the refresh rate down to one Hertz meaning Apple can add always on mode functionality without having to worry about the battery life.


Next up we have the Apple A16, we're not getting a new chip for the non-pro iPhones but the pro iPhones are getting the best of the best which is literally the best chip you can have on any smartphone out there. It is still based on 5 nanometer architecture but considering how Apple designed their chips it's going to have the best performance on any phone out there.


Now, next on the list we have a very special feature, which is the satellite connectivity. This is a groundbreaking feature which will let users send text messages regardless of any Sim connectivity no matter where you are in the world. Apple has been working on this for years now and is said to finally come with the iPhone 14 series and last but not the least Max save connectivity is getting stronger and better there's going to be even more massive accessories coming with the iPhone 14 lineup.


These were some of the top 10 exciting features of the iPhone 14 pro series.