A Plague Tale Requiem: Find All 21 Souvenirs, Locations Guide

In A Plague Tale Requiem, you’ll find 21 Souvenirs in total, some of which are more or less difficult to find.


Finding all the Souvenirs will unlock you the Immortal memories achievement and give you a deeper insight into your character’s thoughts. In each chapter, you’ll find at least one Souvenir. In case if you miss any Souvenir you can always jump back and forth between sections using the chapter overview.  


Chapter 2 - Newcomers (Arrival in the town)


1 - Best player


Arriving in the new town, Hugo and Amicia are looking for their new house. The path leads through a market where you will find various dealers. There is a florist here that Hugo is talking to. When the conversation is over go left until you can go right down the street. Here you will find a stand where you should shoot small buildings with a ball. Play the game to unlock the Souvenir.


Chapter 2 - Newcomers (Confrontation in the stands)


A Plague Tale, Requiem:, Find All, Souvenirs, Locations Guide

2 - Be at peace


As soon as you have encountered the first archer in the game and are thus initiated into the skills menu, you go into a kind of cellar with flies and corpses. After a comment from Lucas you will find two flights of stairs, on the left you progress in the story, on the right the path leads you to a dying woman who is the next Souvenir.


Chapter 3 - A Burden of Blood (The gate)


3 - A Grave


Outside the city walls you will find a wooded area with a few houses and the first workbench of the game. On the right you will find a fenced garden whose gate can be opened with a well-aimed shot. Behind it is a grave that triggers the Souvenir.


Chapter 3 - A Burden of Blood (The Warehouse)


4 - Our home


Lucas and Amicia were captured by the beast. A short escape later, they find themselves in the soldiers' depot, where Amicia wants to look for her slingshot. You need this to get the next Souvenir. Once you have it, go up the ladder again and turn left to cut the chain holding the bridge up. Behind her you will find a map of Guyenne.


Chapter 4 - Protector’s Duty  (Night Work)


5 - Silk treasure


Reach the order’s boat. Follow the path until you're supposed to squeeze through two boxes and climb up a ladder. Straight ahead you will find a hatch in the ground that you are not allowed to interact with yet. Instead, keep going until you find a hole in the wall that you can go through. Behind it is a cart, which you push to the other side of the wall and then climb up. At the top you will find the silk.


Chapter 4 - Protector’s Duty (The Tar Workshop)


6 - A grain of sand


Once you exit the workshop, follow the path until you come across a coffin, which you need to move in order to progress. Don't do this yet! To the right of the coffin you will find another chain that you destroy with the slingshot. Follow the new path to its end to trigger a conversation


Chapter 5 - In Our Wake (On the river)


7 - The stag’s roar


Follow the path from the river to a small path that leads to a chest on the right. Here you can climb a rock, after which the Souvenir will be triggered.

Chapter 5 - In Our Wake (On the river)


8 - Huuuugooooo!


Cross the construction site. You find yourself in a rat-infected area that needs to be overcome. Once you're reunited with Lucas, look behind you and up a bit to spot a ladder. Destroy the chain with your slingshot and go up. Follow the path to the cliff to call out to Hugo.


Chapter 6 - Leaving all Behind (A pilgrim road)


9 - Imagine you’re flying


Ask for the way to the coast. When you get to the pilgrims' camp, go to the center where the tables are. Walk around it until you see a man carving surrounded by three children. Run past the cart to another man leaning against a tree who greets you. Here you can go between the tents and get to a path at the end of which is the swing.


Chapter 6 - Leaving all Behind (Call of the rats)


10 - Which colour do you want?


Find a way out of the building. After Hugo learns to control the rats, you walk together to the end of the hall. There you will come to a room with a ladder, which you climb up and then crawl through the opening in the wall. Below, Hugo changes your bandage and you get the Souvenir,


Chapter 7 - Felons (Passage in the caves)


11 - The Survivor


Find the smuggler’s hideout. After Arnaud clears his shield, the squad find themselves back on the beach. Here you will find a workbench. Go a little further ahead and you'll find a ledge you can climb onto. Follow the path back to the shipwreck where the workbench is and interact with the sign.


Chapter 7 - Felons (The fishing village)


12 - The first men


Reach Sophia’s boat. Once you've escaped the guards on the beach with Arnaud, you'll squeeze through a narrow opening in the rock where the dialogue between Arnaud and Hugo takes place, with Hugo asking if Arnaud and Sophia are best friends. Once you have walked through the passage, you will find a ledge next to you. Take the torch and run down the dark corridor to find the Souvenir.


Chapter 8 - A Sea of Promises (Celebration of the brighter days)


13 - Silent Lucinda


Look around for information about the island. Arrived on La Cuna, you will find yourself again on a marketplace. Go into the second alley you find to find a goat to interact with.


Chapter 8 - A Sea of Promises (Celebration of the brighter days)


14 - Flower crown


Look around for information about the island. Leave the marketplace and follow the given path until you reach the first opportunity to take the stairs down to the left. Here there is a similar game as in the first Souvenir. Throw the pots through the wreaths of flowers so you hit the colored textiles behind them.


Chapter 9 - Tales and Revelations (Exploration)


15 - A thousand more years


Follow the bird statues. Once you have found the first bird statue, follow the path to the right and then straight ahead, which leads to the houses. Here you will find a plot of land with a garden, which you cross until you reach a river. Here you will find a tree stump with the Souvenir you are looking for.


Chapter 9 - Tales and Revelations (Exploration)


16 - Nice screeching


Follow the bird statues. Go back to the first bird statue and keep left from here until you find a small river which you follow until you reach a tower. Pass him on the left to find a window that you use to open a lock with Amicia's slingshot. Go back to the front and climb up and through the door. There are several ladders waiting for you, a workbench that you open with a knife and at the very top a Souvenir.


Chapter 9 - Tales and Revelations (On the mountain)


17 - Tramontane


Find a way around the checkpoint. You've made your way to the temple and find yourself in front of a blockade of goats. Make your way further towards the temple until you hear a goat, which has locked itself in a ruined tower. The door is locked and the lock cannot be picked. However, to the right of the door you will find dry grass, which you set on fire, exposing a hole in the wall. Have Hugo crawl through and open the door to then interact with Tramontane.


Chapter 10 - Bloodline (Approaching the fort)


18 - A rag doll


Reach the fort, Hugo released the rats on the slavers. Talk to him and go into the next building. On the left is an anchor point that you use with your crossbow. Shoot the Wan opposite to tear it down and then climb up. Follow the path to find the bloody tree.


Chapter 11 - The Cradle of Centuries (Defence system)


19 - The Chateau d’Ombrage


Explore the underground area. Once you have exploded the large door with the cart full of Greek fire, you will find yourself in a large room full of rats and carts full of fire. Devote yourself to the wagon on your right and push it up to the rubble blocking the path. Then push him to the right to the chest and use Sophia's Prism to climb down the ledge. You can find the Souvenir on the table.

Chapter 11 - The Cradle of Centuries (Aelia)


20 - His toys…


Open the gate. Once you've found Aelia, in the huge room on the left you'll find a door with a red flag that's locked. Luckily Hugo can climb through a hole in the wall and open the door for you. The Souvenir is on the table.


Chapter 13 - Nothing Left (Grief)


21 - A mess


Find a way to the surface. Amicia looks for a way out while Lucas takes care of Hugo. First follow the story as usual until you are supposed to move the shelf on wheels. Pull it towards you, which will open the doorway and exit the room and through the hallway. Once you jump over the small fence, turn left to find an identical wagon, which you move. Go through the hole and interact with the table by the door for the final Souvenir.


If you collect all 21 Souvenirs, you will receive the trophy Immortal Memories.