A Plague Tale Requiem: Hugo's Herbarium, Flower Locations

In A Plague Tale Requiem, you have to find various flowers for Hugo's herbarium and there are five of them, in this short guide, we’ll show you the locations of all flowers. Collecting all flowers will unlock you Herbalist trophy and achievement.


Chapter 2: Newcomers (Ignifer)


Flower # 1 - Arrowhead

Reach the South Tower. The first collectible in the game will be given to you automatically. After Amicia and Lucas escape the rats again, the two find themselves on the surface of the city in a small garden. Lucas will draw your attention to the flower here.


Chapter 3: A Burden of Blood (At the edge of the city)


Flower # 2 - Chamomile

Reach the herbalist’s forest. Amicia and Lucas go in search of the herbalist and find his house after intermittent complications. While looking for another flower, you should look at the big tree by the pond. Flower pots are hanging from the branches, one of which should go into your collection. Shoot the pot down with your slingshot and you're ready to pack it up.


Chapter 4: Protector’s Duty (Night Work)


Flower # 3 - Gentian

Reach the order’s boat. Follow the path down to the port, whereupon you go directly to the right. Also follow this path to its end to find the purple flower right in front of your feet.


A Plague Tale Requiem, Hugo's Herbarium, Flower Locations, Herbalist Trophy Guide

Chapter 5: In Our Wake (Bridge under construction)


Flower # 4 - Anemone

Find a way to reach the boat. After Amicia has severed the steel chain, you run to the lock. Here you have two scaffolds that you can climb up. The second one takes you further in the story while the first one you pass leads to the flower. Move the cart to the first one and then go back a little bit in the direction you came from. Look at the scaffolding and see the chain on the left holding the small drawbridge. Use the slingshot to lower it and go up. Once at the top, go left over the rocks until you reach a tree. On the cliff you will find the pink anemone.


Chapter 16: King Hugo (Marseille)


Flower # 5 - Carnation

Find Hugo. Follow the path until Lucas draws your attention to the flower. So you can hardly miss them.