A Plague Tale Requiem: Hugo's Herbarium, Feather Locations

In A Plague Tale Requiem, you have to find feathers for Hugo's herbarium and there are seven of them, in this short guide, we’ll show you the locations of all feathers. Collecting all feathers will unlock you Ornithologist trophy and achievement.

Chapter 6: Leaving all Behind (Towards the sea)


Feather # 1 - Jay

Find a way towards the coast. You can find the first feather for Hugo's collection at the beginning of the sixth chapter. Like the first flower, you will find this almost automatically. Hugo challenges Amicia to a race on the field. The goal: the big tree. When they arrive, they find the feather.


Chapter 7: Felons (Arrival at the beach)


Feather # 2 - Black headed gull

Cross the beach.Follow the beach to the flock of seagulls that Hugo wants to startle. Not far from them you will find a small hut on your left. Luckily the door is open and next to some ingredients you will find an open window on the left. Climb through and follow the path until you find a Black-headed Gull's nest complete with its feather.


Chapter 8: A Sea of Promises (Celebration of the brighter days)


Feather # 3 - Black kite

Look around for information about the island. Arriving at the market you will find a small turnoff to a green area where some islanders are sitting. Amicia wants to interview other residents who are in the area with the stairs/seats. Run up to the tree behind them to collect the feather.


Chapter 9: Tales and Revelations (Entering the sanctuary)


Feather # 4 - Barn owl

Entering the sanctuary. Sophia, Hugo and Amicia have to sneak past the Count's soldiers in two sections until they discover a tower. Once you have reached this, you have to run all the way to the top in order to climb a ledge from there. Follow the path and you will find the Barn Owl's Feather.


Chapter 10: Bloodline (The old temple)

A Plague Tale, Requiem, Hugo's Herbarium, Feather Locations

Feather # 5 - Raven

Reach the fort. If you use the old chandelier to destroy the door in the old temple, you should follow a path. Do this until you see a small fork in the grass on your left. Climb down and follow the cliffs until you find the Raven Feather.


Chapter 11: The Cradle of Centuries (Byzantine technology)


Feather # 6 - European goldfinch

Explore the underground area. After you have used Greek fire for the first time to be able to force open a door, you will find another barrel in the next room on the right-hand side, which you will detonate with your slingshot and ignifer. Behind it you will find the feather of the goldfinch.


Chapter 12: The Life We Deserve (Ruined village)


Feather # 7 - Greylag goose

Reach the port. To advance in the story, you will need to move a cart after your second encounter with the enemies. Instead of bringing this to where you are progressing further, instead bring it back from where you came from. Climb up to find the feather at the top.