In this short guide, we’ll show you the best settings to run Gotham Knights on PC and consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X/S)


Best PC Settings


First, make sure to disable any overlays you are currently using


Make sure that your graphics driver is up-to-date


Next open your Steam library and search for Gotham Knights - right click the game – select properties - General tab - Launch Options type “-USEALLAVAILABLECORES” now if you have a high end GPU then you can type “-USEALLAVAILABLECORES -notexturestreaming”


In-game settings:






Display Mode - Borderless Fullscreen

Resolution - Native                            





Dynamic Resolution - Off

Max FPS Limit - Set to maximum

Max Render Resolution - 100

Upscaling Type - Nvidia DLSS (depends on your GPU)

Upscaling Quality - Quality 

Sharpening Level - 7




Field Of View - 90

Ray Tracing - Off

Motion Blur - Off

Ambient Occlusion - On

Bloom - On

Chromatic Aberration - Off

Dept Of Field - Off




Quality Preset - Custom

Texture Quality - Highest (depends on your Vram)

Shadow Quality - Low

Effects Quality - Medium

Post Processing Quality - Low

View Distance - Low

Environment Density - Low


Best Settings, Run Gotham Knights, PC, PS5, Xbox Series X S

Best Consol Settings (PS5 and Xbox Series X/S)






Difficulty - Medium

Control - View

Camera Control - Normal

Audio Language - English

Language - English

Online Privacy - Public

Vibration - 1

Photo Mode Quick Access - On

View Eula - View

Do Not Sell My Personal Information - View 




Brightness - 60

Contrast - 50

Saturation - 50




Invert Camera Height Axis - Normal

Incoming Attack Feedback - On

Targeting Feedback - On

Enemy Stats Display - On

Contextual Gameplay Reminders - On

Display Damage - On

Auto-Dismiss Loading Screens - Off

Show Side Notifications - On

Show Compass - On

Use CSI Assist - Off

Show Ability Widget - On




Colorblind Mode - Off

HUD Scale - 50

Subtitles - Subtitles Only

Subtitles Size - Medium  

Subtitles Background Alpha - 0

Text-to-speech - Use System Settings    

Camera Sensitivity X - 4

Camera Sensitivity Y - 4

Momentum Ability Widget - Hold

AR Scan Activation - Hold

Precision Aim Activation - Hold 

Heroic Travel Activation - Hold

Movement Smoothing - 0

Adjust Trigger Sensitivity - High

Aiming Friction - Full

Escape Frozen Status Activation - Tap Repeatedly

Interaction Trigger - Hold        


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