Bonfire of Teenagers tracklist, Morrissey’s new album

Morrissey’s new album Bonfire of Teenagers will be released under the Capitol Records    in February 2022, and will feature special guests such as Miley Cyrus, Iggy Pop, Flea and Chad Smith, bassist and drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Josh Klinghoffer.


Check out the Bonfire of Teenagers tracklist:


1. "I Am Veronica"

2. "Rebels Without Applause"

3. "Kerouac's Crack"

4. "Ha Ha Harlem"

5. "I Live in Oblivion"

6. "Bonfire of Teenagers"

7. "My Funeral"

8. "Diana Dors"

9. "I Ex-love You"

10. "Sure Enough The Telephone Rings"

11. "Saint In a Stained Glass Window"