FIFA 23: how to do McGregor Billionaire Strut celebration?

In FIFA 23, you’ll be able to perform various celebrations with your players once you have scored a goal.

The latest entry in the FIFA franchise introduces a new set of celebrations and one of them is fighter Conor McGregor’ famous “Billionaire Strut.” Some players are also trying to find out how to perform it, so here we’ll show you the keys to use to achieve it.


If you're looking to figure out how to do the Conor McGregor celebration, well, you're going to have to use the following key combination after you score a goal: Hold LB and press R down or hold L1 and press R up, the bottom. It is also possible to redo it randomly by clicking on the B key. For those who don't know what the Billionaire Strut looks like, here is a video.