FIFA 23: How to perform new goal Celebration, Xbox, PS?

FIFA 23 added a total of 6 new goal celebrations: Griddy, Gamer, Eye of the Storm, Slide Salute, Slide and Flex and the Arm Swing (Boneless Walk). You can use the following (Xbox and PlayStation) key (controller) combinations to perform them:


Xbox - Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One        


Griddy - RT (hold) + Up, Up

Gamer - RB (hold) + Right, Left       

Eye of the Storm - LB (hold) + Full Circle (counter-clockwise)       

Slide Salute - RB (hold) + Right (hold)        

Slide and Flex - RB (hold) + Down (hold)   

Arm Swing (Boneless Walk) - RB (hold) + Right, Left        


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PlayStation - PS5 and PS4


Griddy - R2 (hold) + Up, Up

Gamer - R1 (hold) + Right, Left

Eye of the Storm - L1 (hold) + Full Circle (counter-clockwise)

Slide Salute - R1 (hold) + Right (hold)

Slide and Flex - R1 (hold) + Down (hold)

Arm Swing (Boneless Walk) - R1 (hold) + Right, Left


If you want to skip the celebration, just press R1/RB (PS/Xbox) + L1/LB (PS/Xbox). This allows you to stop the goal celebration and continue directly with the game.


If you want to perform a "Signature" goal celebration, such as Cristiano Ronaldo Siu, all you have to do is press X/A (PS/Xbox) . To get a random cheer, press Circle/B (PS/Xbox).