FIFA 23 PC Update 1: all fixes, what's new? Patch Note

FIFA 23 has rolled its first update for PC users however, the patch notes are not aimed at gameplay but are intended to fix some PC issues.

In the patch notes, the developer addresses some bug notifications that PC players have encountered since the release of FIFA 23. This includes:


Failure to update process“

Can’t start system service“

The application has encountered an unrecoverable error“


These error messages should now have been fixed.


Also "fixed a stability issue that could occur when a force feedback device was connected to the PC while the title was playing." Such devices can be, for example: controllers with rumble functions. Many players primarily use controllers for FIFA and there have been complaints about stability issues - it is possible that the patch will help in this regard.


Does this fix all problems? That is currently still open, but for example the "Anticheat error", which made it difficult for many players to start, is only mentioned in passing in the patch notes.


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Only the help article is linked there, in which workarounds for some of the error messages are collected. You can find them in viaEA Help. There it is pointed out, among other things, that you should reinstall EA Anticheat, or by "starting the EA App or Origin as an administrator" by right-clicking on the app and selecting the appropriate option.


So far, the problems on Steam have caused quite negative reviews for FIFA 23.