Fortnite: unlock Black Adam Skin, can you get it for free?

Black Adam film is scheduled for release on October 21, 2022. Dwayne Johnson who plays the main roll revealed on his Instagram page that he will be making his big comeback to the Fortnite game. It is in line with the Marvel and DC Comics collaboration that Fortnite players will soon be able to enjoy Black Adam’s skin.


How to get the Black Adam’s skin in Fortnite, Can you get it for free?


According to the Fortnite Twitter page, the Black Adam’s skin will be available in the Item Shop from October 20, 2022.


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For now, it will only be possible to get it with V Bucks. However, we can hope for an announcement with a tournament or challenges to hope to win the skin for free. Still no information on this subject so for now, it will only be available in online stores.


Besides, as you can see, the Black Adam outfit will come with a back accessory, a tag and a pickaxe.