Google Pixel 7 Pro: how do I set up my new phone?

In this short guide, we’ll give you some useful tips on how to setup your new Google pixel 7 Pro phone.


Rename your phone: Go to settings - device name - rename your phone


Extend battery life: Settings - battery - extend battery life and optimize charging


Change system navigation: Settings - system - gestures - system navigation - gesture navigation   


Camera Settings


Settings - Grid type - 4x4


Settings - Camera photo resolution - fullresolution (this will give maximum color photo) 


Settings -Video - option - 4K - 60fps

Google Pixel 7, Pro, How Do You, Set Up, New Phone

Face Unlock - Settings - security - face & fingerprint unlock (pin number optional)


Change wallpaper - touch and hold the lock screen to open the wallpaper gallery, then select a new wallpaper from the options  


Turn off Time and Info display - Settings - display - lock screen - Always show time and info (Turn off this will increase battery life )   


Tap or lift to wake screen - Settings - system - Gestures - Tap to check phone (On) or Lift to check the phone (On)