How to convert Fortnite, CSGO, Valorant Sens to Overwatch 2?

If you used to Fortnite, CSGO or Valorant mouse sens and don't want to waste time on sens in Ow2? Then there are sensitivity converters!


If you haven't had a chance to play Overwatch 2 yet, for some FPS experts, it's easy to navigate, especially if you've already played Valorant or Cs:GO. However, the settings and the gameplay differ on certain points. Finding these settings is not easy and if you already have a well-worked sens on a game like Valorant, it can be a hassle to find your sens knowing that the ratio between the sens of two games is very different. To help you out, there are sites allowing you to find your sens from one game to another.


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There are several useful sites that allow you to transfer your sens from a game like Fortnite, CSGO, Valorant to Overwatch 2. The one we use is called


Sensitivity 1 in Valorant is = 10.606061 in Overwatch 2. So if you play at sensitivity 7 in Valorant, you should use sensitivity 74 on Overwatch 2.


There are also other sites to convert sensitivity, but seems to be the one with the best results and the most choice in terms of games.