How to unlock, new changes in Overwatch 2 Competitive Play?

In this short article, we’ll show you all the changes coming to competitive play in Overwatch 2 and also show you how to unlock this mode.


Players who launch Overwatch 2, after launch will have to play a guided tutorial


Players will need to win 50 Quick Matches to unlock Competitive Mode


The "Skill rating" is replaced by skill level divisions. Each level has 5 divisions ranked from 5 (lowest) to 1 (highest)


Your rank will no longer be updated after each game but after 7 games won or after 20 losses


Competitive skill levels will no longer be displayed before each competitive match but will instead display player name cards and titles


Your ladder matches will be your first 7 wins or 20 losses, instead of your first 5 games


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How to Unlock, New Changes, Overwatch 2, Competitive Play

Overwatch 1 players will have their previous Competitive Rank changed, not reset


New game reports are in the Career Profile, which provides a summary of matches played during your current session of Overwatch 2


The Top 500 rankings are largely unchanged but will be separated by entry pools


Returning players will have their skill rank adjusted faster to quickly place them in their appropriate skill tier


Blizzard is removing commemorative sprays and icons that players earn each season through titles earned by climbing the ranks


Bonus competitive points earned at the end of a season will be limited to your role with the highest skill level


An upcoming feature is a skill progress report whenever you get a competitive update