LEGO Bricktales: how to play co-op (multiplayer) mode?

If you are new to the LEGO Bricktales, then getting started with the game is very easy. There is no start menu and only one save. The game automatically saves with every block and every movement, so you can end and continue playing at any time.


LEGO Bricktales offers you a pause menu, which you can use to switch to your wardrobe, to grandfather or to the settings at any time. If you look at the settings menu, you'll notice pretty quickly: it's not possible to play the game locally or online together.


LEGO Bricktales, How to Play, Co-op, Multiplayer

The developers have designed the game as a single player experience and only your robot friend Rusty is at your side as a companion. It is therefore not possible to play two characters in the game at the same time, neither on the Playstation nor on the Xbox or the PC.