Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope: best character compositions

Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope allows you to pick three characters to create your team, and making a good composition allows you to progress in the game more easily, especially in the different levels. Some characters are better than others, and VideoGamer came up with three very different compositions. Here are the best comps and a small explanation for each.


1. Composition - Beatdown Brawlers


Rabbid Mario, Mario, Rabbid Luigi


This composition largely centers around the damage of Mario Rabbid. To get the most out of it, remember to quickly take the “Stomp” skill for Mario and associate Rabbid Luigi with this team in order to do maximum damage to enemies.



2. Composition - Ranged Defense


Luigi, Princess Peach, Edge


As the team name suggests, it focuses on damage largely from a distance since Luigi can usually one-shot enemies in the game. In order to protect him, you will associate him with Peach thanks to his skills useful support and Edge who can clean up any opponents who try to approach Luigi.



3. Composition - Heal and Harm


Luigi, Mario, Rabbid Peach


Luigi, Mario, Rabbid Peach, Mario Rabbids, Sparks of Hope, Best Character Compositions

This team will be a real nuisance for enemies at all levels. Luigi can easily move around the map and do maximum damage from a distance. Mario is equally effective at short and medium range and as for Rabbid Peach, she can support the two brothers by providing her very effective healing while doing decent damage to opponents who are weakened or who do not have much base HP.


Of course, all his compositions are for information only and you can completely replace certain characters to better suit your preferences and your way of playing.