Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope: how to farm Star Bits?

In Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope (MRSoH) Star Bits are items that can be used to increase Sparks XP. They are therefore very important to progress in your adventure.


You can get Star Bits in several ways, including after defeating enemies. This is why it is important to do as much quests as possible during your progress to get the most out of it.


MRSoH is less linear than the previous game. You have the freedom to explore the areas to find plenty of surprises including star Bits. There is no specific method to obtain it, but the most profitable is to face enemies and defeat them.

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Star Bits can be given to Sparks to increase their XP. To do this, just open the menu, go to the Sparks tab, select the Spark you want to improve.


Additionally, players can also give Sparks Star Bits that automatically level them up. These Bits are obtained by completing quests and other in-game activities.