Modern Warfare 2: all Guns in MW2 at Launch

The full version of the Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) will be available to play from October 27, 2022. Besides the campaign, you will also be able to play the multiplayer mode and engage in PvP games with your friends.


What weapons are available when the MW2 is released? At the moment, we don’t have solid information on the weapons available. But we know the number of weapons per category for MW 2. Here, is the complete list of the types of weapons available when MW2 is released.


33 weapon platforms

51 Individual weapons

10 Assault rifles

7 SMGs

6 LMGs

3 Sniper rifles

4 Tactical rifles

Modern Warfare 2, All Guns, Weapons List, MW2, At Launch

4 Shotguns

1 Riot Shield

5 Guns

4 Launchers

1 Knife


In MW2, the weapon customization system in the armory benefits from new upgrades  and allows you to adapt them more than ever to your style of play and the biggest innovation for this entry is the weapon platforms. Weapons are now grouped into platforms, allowing more control over the arsenal you bring into battle, depending on your playstyle.