Modern Warfare 2 MW2 Safe Codes, Locations and Rewards

If you come across a safe in the campaign for Modern Warfare 2 and unable to open it, then here we’ll show you how to open it using safe codes. 


El Sin Nombre Safe Code


Location: Upstairs, in Diego's room. Open the cupboard to find the chest inside


Code: 02-02-19




- Plate carrier

- Lockwood 300 shotgun


Hint: The date is on a portrait



Alone Mission Chest #1


Location: In the cafe, after finding a dying man. Open one of the doors to find the chest


Code: 10-10-80

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- Throwing knife

- 50 GS handgun


Hint: On a calendar


Mission Alone #2 Chest


Location: Exit the cafe and go to the next building, which is a car repair shop


Code: 37-60-80






Hint: Check the computers