MW2 what will Special Ops Coop mode contain?

Special Ops will be available in Modern Warfare 2, offers you a cooperative experience to destroy enemies in various missions.


When the game launches, you’ll get 3 cooperative missions (Bad situation, Vehicle Escape and Observatory Defense) and they take place in a fictional country, Al Mazrah. These missions will have players choose from three kits: Assault, Medic, and Engineer each focused on a different playstyle. These kits will be upgradeable through missions and challenges.


Modern Warfare 2, MW2,  Special Ops, Coop Mode Contain

The release of Special Ops mode at the launch of Modern Warfare 2 will allow players to prepare for the release of raids on December 3, 2022 which will be the heart of the cooperative experience of this new installment. Activision also recommends finishing the 3 previous missions with at least 3 stars and upgrading your kits at least to level 5. This mode is a continuation of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign.