Overwatch 2 OW2: How do you unlock all game modes?

When you log into Overwatch 2 for the first time, you will initially only be able to access the tutorial and the training area, which offers an extended introduction. After completing the training area, you can start the quick play with Open Queue. You can also compete against the AI (bots).


After 5 games, the Role Queue will be unlocked. You can complete these matches both in quick play and in training against the AI.

Overwatch 2, How, Unlock, Game Modes

Once you've completed 10 games, you'll gain access to the other modes. The only exception is the competitive (ranked) mode. You also get access to the chat function.


To unlock the leaderboard, you need 50 wins in unranked mode. Meanwhile, your level of play is already being analyzed to give you a better start in competitive Overwatch.